The home of underfloor heating

With an immense catalogue of theoretical and practical experience, we can assist you to specify the ultimate underfloor heating system for your new build, renovation or refurbishment.

UFHPro 5 Star Underfloor Heating

5 Star Service

24 hour quote turnaround.

Underfloor heating designs next day.

Fast delivery.

UFHPro Technical Underfloor Heating

Technically Brilliant

Expert underfloor heating specification.

Clean underfloor heating design packages.

Instant technical advice.

UFHPro Simple Underfloor Heating


Simple to install.

Simple to understand.

Simple to enjoy!

Efficiently heat your home with underfloor heating

Underfloor Heating will save you money

Your underfloor heating system will be the most effective way to heat your home. By zoning each room with it’s own underfloor heating thermostat, you only need to heat the rooms you want to.

UFHPro Healthy Heat Underfloor Heating

Healthy heat

Radiators create air currents, which circulates dust around your home which increases the chance of allergies for you and your family. Underfloor heating eliminates this problem by warming the fabric of the building.

UFHPro Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating Everywhere!

Traditionally you might think of underfloor heating in bathrooms and kitchens, but you can have underfloor heating anywhere in your home. With a thermostat in each room, you can keep each room at your preferred temperature.

Save energy

Radiators typically run at over 60°C, which can be costly. Given the right environment, underfloor heating systems can run comfortably from 30-35°C, reducing your energy bill significantly.

UFHPro Underfloor Heating
UFHPro Underfloor Heating
UFHPro Underfloor Heating

Invisible comfortable heat

We can bring the comfort of underfloor heating to your home

Underfloor heating can be built into almost any floor structure within Britain’s construction industry. It doesn’t matter if it is new or old, we can help you decide on the right underfloor heating system to fit your application without compromise.

Smart underfloor heating control

By having an easy to use thermostat in each room, you know that you aren’t heating your unnecessarily. With control via an app, you can control your underfloor heating system on your smartphone or tablet, inside or outside of your home.

UFHPro Underfloor Heating HeatPro
UFHPro Underfloor Heating HeatPro

Robust and reliable manifolds

Our underfloor heating manifolds are made in Europe, and come with an ‘A’ Rated Grundfos pump. When it comes to our practical experience, we know that our underfloor heating manifolds are easy to install and are super reliable.