UFHPro Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating Systems

At UFHPro, we have carefully designed our underfloor heating systems to factor in ease of installation, overall underfloor heating performance, the cost of the underfloor heating and the reliability. Our systems are easy, effective, long lasting and are available at a competitive price.

In the section below, you will find our full range of underfloor heating systems, along with specific data and information relating that underfloor heating system.

Whether you you have lots of floor depth or very little, there will be an underfloor heating system below that is perfect for your upcoming project.


The 'traditional' and most effective way to install underfloor heating.

UFHPro ScreedPro


The 'quick' way to install underfloor heating.


UFHPro FloatPro


The 'ultimate' way to install underfloor heating.

UFHPro OverlayPro


The 'traditional' underfloor heating system for suspended floors.

UFHPro TimberPro