UFHPro ScreedPro


The traditional underfloor heating system.

The underfloor heating pipework is secured to the insulation using specifically manufactured staples, and the screed is then laid creating a large thermal mass to hold the heat effectively and efficiently.

UFHPro ScreedPro Section

Serpentine Design

This system can be installed in a serpertine pattern.

Spiral 'Snail' Design

This system can be installed in a spiral pattern.


Complete flexibility on design and installation with no obstacles.

ScreedPro Pipe Size:

  • 16mm Pipe (Available in PE-RT and MLCP)

ScreedPro Pipe Centres:

  • 100mm | 150mm | 200mm | 300mm

ScreedPro Items:

  • UFHPro WRAS Approved Pipe | ScreedPro Staples | Perimeter Edge Foam.